Just 12 more days

Just 12 more days before I leave my Beloved Bowen for the year ahead and I am excited.  I could leave tomorrow given the chance, but alas, I have work to finish (I committed afterall) and the reality is I am not yet packed.  There is still plenty of time for that. Bowen Island has been my home for some 13 years now and I am fortunate to be be a part of this wonderful community.  There are many things I will miss about Bowen, not least the many friends that have made Bowen my Canadian home; the strong sense of community we islanders have for what is locally known as The Rock, and the natural beauty that forms part of our every day. 

My walk from the ferry home takes me along the Causeway

My walk from the ferry home takes me along the Causeway

View from the Causeway with the first dusting of snow on the Coast Mountains


Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

Luckily for me, Crippen Park is just a 5 minute walk from my house.

Bowen is my sanctuary.  After a busy work week, there is nothing better than making my way to Horseshoe Bay and once on the ferry, a certain sense of peace comes over me.  What’s neat about the ferry ride is that you can find a corner to meditate quietly, and people leave you to it.  Or you can join a group of islanders to catch up on the latest goings on at Municipal Hall and any other local gossip of interest.

The hardworking Queen of Capilano - our lifeline to the mainland.

The hardworking Queen of Capilano – our lifeline to the mainland.

Bowenians are an eclectic bunch, you never really know what any one works at, you don’t always know last names but stories of their life experiences are intriguing and always very interesting.  With a population of ~3,500, there’s never a shortage of stories.  Being Irish, I’m kinda drawn to that.  For instance, walking over to the Cove for groceries takes double the time it should take for all the people I bump into along the way.

The Cove (it's a metropolis I know).

The Cove (it’s a metropolis I know).

So now you know a little about Bowen, and the tiny paradise I am leaving behind.   But South Asia beckons, it always has had a strong pull for me that I cannot ignore.  I am fortunate to have had so many of you help me realise this dream (you know who you are!).  Thank you all.  More about South Asia later. PS  Thanks to my good friend Maria for her creativity in providing these shots.  The reader might think these photos are for their enjoyment, but actually they are for me to ponder when I get a pang of homesickness while living in chaotic Kathmandu or in the teeming streets of Dhaka.  It’s all about me really.