Great concert last night

Before I get into some detail on my trip to Manikgonj, I thought I would first tell you about a great concert a few of us went to last night.  Among other performers, there was a group of young Bangladeshi men who sang Bangali songs and played traditional instruments.  What a delight! Some of the instruments looked familiar, like the flute.  And others looks somewhat familiar like a single-headed drum which was played by using the palm of the hand and fingertips simultaneously.  The last instrument was totally new to me and I just loved it’s sound. The ektara which apparently is a cousin to the Nepalese sarangi that I loved so much.  The ektara is made out of a dried gourd with one string running from top right through to the middle of the gourd base.  Two flexible bamboo wands are attached to the side of the gourd and are joined together at the top with a doul.  The doul is used as tension for the string.  There are no frets or bow for that matter, a finger plucks the string.  The flexible bamboo wands are pushed together at various strengths, to produce different sounds as the string is plucked.  Absolutely haunting but spectacular sound.  I just loved it! This clip I found on YouTube, it gives you a pretty good demo of how the instrument works.  Continue searching for songs if you like the sound!  

About Kate Coffey

After 25+ years in the investment management industry, I packed in my job and spent 2014 living and working in Nepal and Bangladesh, and visited some other places in between. It took me on a journey I did not expect, had me fall in love with Nepal and it's people, and become inspired at the work of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) located 2 hours east of Kathmandu in the Sanga foothills. Since 2014, I have continued my warm relationship with SIRC and worked closely with my friends there in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes to date. This blog initially started out as a travelogue of sorts to keep friends and family worldwide updated while I was off on my travels in 2014. Since then it has morphed into a life story of the many places I have lived and worked and of the wonderful people I have met along the way. I hope you enjoy.
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