Camino update

Afraid I am off to not too great a start!  Over the past while I have had some sensitivity on the ball of my right foot but nothing I thought I should worry about.   How wrong I was!  By the end of Day 1 (Ponferrada to Villafranca approx 20km), I had a rather large blister-like area on the ball of my right foot, making it extremely painful to put any weight on it.  Add to this, my ankles and feet are swollen completely – dunno why.  So I did not walk yesterday or today, but did make myself useful by doing laundry for everyone – all washed & dried on the same day – we are all at least sweet smelling.

Grace & Joe hit their 300km mark on Wednesday and are just blitzing along … and really loving the walking.  They have met two Bostonians along the Way and we tend to have dinner with Mary & Nancy every night.  Last night was my first Pilgrims Meal in Ruitelan in a private albuerge run by Luis and Carlos.  Beautiful little place and Carlos is a magnificent cook – we ate like kings.  Carrot soup followed by Salad Mixta, then spagetti carbonera and a delish lemon custard with cinnamon., wonderful!

Grace took a bunch of photos which, once she has uploaded them, I will post I promise.  As expected, wifi is unrealiable and internet connections are sparse.

Joe leaves us tomorrow, he has to head south for a few days and will return to the Camino next week.  Grace’s friend Finola will join us Sunday and I hope I will be back walking by then – fingers crossed.

About Kate Coffey

After 25+ years in the investment management industry, I packed in my job and spent 2014 living and working in Nepal and Bangladesh, and visited some other places in between. It took me on a journey I did not expect, had me fall in love with Nepal and it's people, and become inspired at the work of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) located 2 hours east of Kathmandu in the Sanga foothills. Since 2014, I have continued my warm relationship with SIRC and worked closely with my friends there in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes to date. This blog initially started out as a travelogue of sorts to keep friends and family worldwide updated while I was off on my travels in 2014. Since then it has morphed into a life story of the many places I have lived and worked and of the wonderful people I have met along the way. I hope you enjoy.
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5 Responses to Camino update

  1. Renu says:

    Oh kates! That does sound painful. Remember, everything is perfect just as it is and you are exactly where you are meant to be… Even if it is doing laundry!

  2. bkmiec says:

    Kate…. sorry to hear about the situation with your feet and ankles. 😦 Glad you’re taking the time to rest and let be, allow for healing, meanwhile enjoying the flavours on the way and helping to keep all clean and fresh. You’ve been on a lengthy, rich yaatra, and now the Camino will bring it’s own unique gifts to your unfolding journey. Trust you’re also indulging in and savouring the rich Spanish coffee!

  3. Melanie says:

    Sorry to hear about your feet! Looks all beautiful there from the pictures. Looks like grace is having an amazing bday walk!! Say hi to her for me. Melxo

  4. ASB says:

    Hi Kate, just catching up on your blog. Always on the go – you’ve done so much since I last checked in! That was very inconsiderate of your feet to let you down like that and I hope things have improved since you made the post. News from Mink: the Mermaid’s Choice bar was named “best chocolate bar in the world” at the 2014 International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco earlier this month (tied with a NZ bar) and won other awards too. There’s a run on that bar now and Marc is only allowing one per customer. sigh.
    Miss you. Enjoy Spain!

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