Widowhood is changing in Nepal

There’s a great blog I follow written by a young lady names Laura Spero who first went to Nepal in 2002 as a volunteer teacher in the rural village of Kaskikot, just west of Pokhara. In 20014 she set up a NGO called Jevaia that establishes sustainable dental care in rural village in Nepal.  Laura writes brilliant stories on life in rural Nepal and also writes short documentaries for PRI (Public Radio International – if you haven’t listened to their programming, then you are missing out bigtime!).

This 5-minute clip peaked my interest, as it tells the harsh realities of the many young Nepali men moving abroad for work, and the impact it has on those left behind.  This story also tells of the this new generation of Nepalis balances cultures and traditions with the modern world.

Hope you enjoy.

Widowhood is changing in Nepal

Bishnu Pande with her daughter Ayusha. Photo credit Laura Spero.

Bishnu Pande with her daughter Ayusha. Photo credit Laura Spero.

About Kate Coffey

After 25+ years in the investment management industry, I packed in my job and spent 2014 living and working in Nepal and Bangladesh, and visited some other places in between. It took me on a journey I did not expect, had me fall in love with Nepal and it's people, and become inspired at the work of Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC) located 2 hours east of Kathmandu in the Sanga foothills. Since 2014, I have continued my warm relationship with SIRC and worked closely with my friends there in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes to date. This blog initially started out as a travelogue of sorts to keep friends and family worldwide updated while I was off on my travels in 2014. Since then it has morphed into a life story of the many places I have lived and worked and of the wonderful people I have met along the way. I hope you enjoy.
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One Response to Widowhood is changing in Nepal

  1. kaskifriends says:

    Hi Kate, I just saw this one too! Wow, I’m so honored that you’ve shared my posts and stories. This topic of widowhood is one I really care about and I think it is not well reported. So thanks again. Cheers!

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