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Kathmandu roads during monsoon

Take a look at the Nepali Times 2.30 mins clip of a bike’s journey from Jorpati to Chabahil in the city of Kathmandu, Nepal.  Grant it, it is monsoon season which makes things worse, but Jorpati is as bad as … Continue reading

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It’s March 8th today

Today, the world over celebrates International Women’s Day.  Women and men are taking up the “Be Bold For Change” mantle, rallying for a more gender inclusive world.  Great stuff!   During the week there was a question posed on a … Continue reading

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The end of loadshedding??

Loadshedding – the act of cutting electricity to Nepalis for up to 14 hours per day – has been a daily occurrence for the past decade. The impact on daily life is significant but at least the outage sticks to … Continue reading

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A new Prime Minister for Nepal

Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal is the new Prime Minister of Nepal.  At least he is for the next 9 months until the Nepali Congress, with whom the Maoists are in coalition with, will install their own leader as Prime … Continue reading

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The latest stories from Nepal

It’s been a rather busy few weeks for me this past while (on the work and life front).  That explains why I have not posted in over two weeks!  But I am here now. Firstly since the fundraiser on January 30 … Continue reading

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